Custom Ductwork Fabrication

Reliable Custom HVAC Ductwork

Our experts at Atlas Mechanical will go to work for you to make sure your custom duct order is fabricated on time and at your job ready for installation. Whatever your needs, we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done. Whether you need Ductmate, slip and drive duct, Pittsburgh seamed, or custom made fittings, we can fabricate it to your specifications. Let our expertise in duct and sheet metal fabrication go to work for you! We can complete any and every form of duct job from low or high pressure systems, spiral, welded exhaust, or exposed.

Assembly and Delivery Available

We can assemble most fittings for you to save you time and keep the job moving. We can also leave it knocked down for easier transportation.  Either way we can provide free local delivery to your job.

Are you an HVAC contractor?

We fabricate custom ductwork and fittings for many of the best heating, ventilation and cooling contractors and installers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. Please use our easy online contact form to request a quote for your next fabrication job.

Request More Information

If you’d like to learn more about how Atlas Mechanical and Metal Fab can help with your next project, call us at: (732) 659-4090 or request a quote here.